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Dov Charney chief executive and founder of American Apparel,  widely known for his provocative ads and scantily clad models, is in yet another sexual harassment lawsuit  filed Wednesday by a former American Apparel sales associate. In an interview, Ms. Kimbra Lo  said it started after she left her job as a sales associate at a  New York store  to  travel to Mr . Dov Charney’s home in Los Angeles to  discuss her being rehired as a model/photographer.  Mr. Charney is no stranger to these types of allegations; he was sued many times before. Also, he has been  open  about having personal relationships with his employees in the  past.

When did it become okay to be taken advantage of  in the pursuit of a better opportunity?  I’m beginning to wonder if  there is  a line for : Favorite sex positions on his job applications.  Before this lawsuit, Mr. Charney  has been sued four times in the mid 2000’s  for creating a sexually charged, hostile environment. Those charges were later dismissed or settled according to the company.  It’s hard not have a sexual environment when employees make up his black book. According to  Ms. Lo  while wrapped in a towel  Mr. Charney invited  her into the bedroom to discuss the job.  When in the room, he undressed her  and tried to have sex  with her.   He  admits to holding meetings in his bedroom and allowing  employees to stay at his house when on business.

Ms. Lo says the harassment didn’t start until after she left her  as a sales associate. Ms. Lo wants an apology but something tells me he will have a lot of apologizing to do if he keeps this up.