Fleur Rebelle

Courtesy of Vogue.com

The tattoo on  her neck and her fire engine red hair describes her perfectly: bold!  She has come a long way from the sweet-faced island girl to a fashion icon.While ‘ex-boyfriend Chris Brown,  is busy having temper tantrums she graces the cover  of Vogue’s April issue  in a floral Chanel Pre-Fall 2011 dress.  Breaking out of the cookie  cutter mold was the best thing for her.  Aside from her fashion sense it’s her confidence that makes her stand out. She revealed to Vogue that she is finally comfortable with her body and all its curves. Of course she has a trainer that helps keep everything in place but, like many people she rather not go to the gym  but  mix things up a bit.

I heard countless times that confidence is the best accessory. But, it’s definitely not easy. It took me a long time to accept the fact that I’ll never  be  a size 0 or be 100 pounds.  Or be a model for Elle or even Vogue. Acceptance is the longest runway.  But it’s definitely the best accessory.  So ladies I suggest you find it !