Knock It Off!

Imitation isn’t always the best  the form of flattery especially in the case of   Proenza Schouler. Now you can get designer without the label; the biggest difference between Target’s Mossimo messenger bag and Proenza Schouler’s  PS1 messenger is the price according to Cathy Horyn, witer for On The Runway. The Mossimo faux leather messenger bag retails for $34.9, while the medium size genuine leather PS1 cost $1,595. The straps between the bags are slightly different and the PS1 has a brass antiqued closure while the Mossimo bag has an ordinary one. The PS1 has a V-shaped front flap cross-sectioned with trim detail and so does Mossimo.

Unfortunately, not everyone could afford Proenza Schouler messenger and buying Target’s messenger will be the next best thing. Target and places like it, thrive because they believe in providing their consumers with fashion statements at an affordable price which clearly Target has delivered on. People who buy merchandise from Target over big-name brands are aware of the quality difference. Ms. Cook told the New York Times that the PS1 “has been a huge part of the growth of our business, as well a significant branding element.”   This comes as a blow below the belt since; Proenza Schouler has a collaborative relationship with Target’s Go International line and has recently agreed to reissue some of its 65 pieces for its Go anniversary promotion.  Although, Mossimo’s knockoff garnered lots of attention on some fashion blogs it’s important to remember that their will always be buyers of Proenza Schouler’s higher end items. Some people believe that saving money for days, weeks, and even months for that special bag will be worth it because they own the original.

I remember when I was in High School kids would do a label check. You say, “Look at my Louis Vuitton” and they would ask to see the serial number and perhaps the label and to feel around a bit. Point being authenticity is a big deal.  A bag that cost thousands of dollars especially, when you don’t really have that money to spend is an investment. Proenza Schouler would love for Target to stop selling the bag but a Target spokesman, Joshua Thomas, issued a statement to the New York Times saying, “Target is committed to offering our guests everyday essentials alongside highly differentiated merchandise, all at a great value. It always has been and continues to be the policy of Target to respect the intellectual property rights of others.” So I take that as a “no” or “maybe” but we shall see.  Let me know what you think.