Jail Bargains

Picture courtesy of purseblog.com

Styleite reported on a proposed bill that would punish buyers of counterfeit merchandise with a year in jail or a $1,000 fine. Margaret Chin, New York’s Council Chinatown representative doesn’t want New Yorker’s and tourist hunting for fakes: “In Chinatown, people can come and shop for some really authentic goods, and we want them to really experience the neighborhood, not just come down and buy these fake knockoffs,” she said. “We want to be known for our museums, our shops, our restaurants.”

But, unfortunately Chinatown is known for its knockoffs. I started to avoid Chinatown for that same reason; it is so annoying to be followed half way down the block and harassed about buying Gucci at a “good price”. According to a poll on the Styleite, when asked should New York pass a fake bag bill 52.04% said No! People should be able to buy what they want to buy. Ms. Chin told the New York Times

What happened to the traditional value of saving up for something you want that’s valuable?”she asked. “If you really like it, save money and buy the real thing.” Well, that may take awhile depending on the item. People are aware of what they are buying obviously they aren’t concerned with quality they just want it. Some people may argue that they’re counterfeit purchase last just as long as the real thing.

What about the designers, they worked hard to design and produce their merchandise. The reason the real thing is so expensive is because of labor, material, shipping, and the brand name is included in the price. The brand is so important when it comes to pricing. If a product is apart of luxury brand of course it will be expensive. Many argue that counterfeits will not hurt companies of the real thing because there will always be someone who will buy the real thing. How true that is I don’t know, I just know that it’s not good for business. No one knows if this bill will work or not but it is just another law police will have to enforce.