STYLE ICON: Muammar EL-Gaddafi

Picture courtesy of T Magazine

Both Fashionista and T Magazine report that Libyan leader, Gaddafi  believes that his clothing should be installed in the Costume Institute.  Along with tyrant, he wants to add yet another title to his profile, style icon. So Zainab Bint Talib aide to Mr. Moussa Khalid Wahabb, Minister for Cultural Affairs wrote a pitch letter to Horacio Silva, Fashion Editor of T Magazine to offer him the opportunity to look through the President’s (Gaddafi) collection “with a view to curating a stylish retrospective of his fashion highlights at your Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Mr. Talib not only praises his leader but also describes him as a trendsetter not just for the Arab and African leader’s but also to American artist like Michael Jackson.

“Our President (Colonel Mummar Muhammad AL-Gaddafi)is deeply concerned for his legacy. He is not only a great economic and social reformer for the Libyan Republic…Our president, is a cultural innovator who over these decades has been at the fashion forefront for much of the African/Arab world. A contact from UN has been in dialogue with Mr.Harold Koda’s people at the Costume Institute at your Metropolitan Museum in New York. There is an intense interest in our proposal for a retrospective in 2013 of Colonel Gaddafi’s decades of superior dress sense…It is not only African and Arab leaders who have been influenced by his style and substance but many western rock stars and celebrities have also been won over by Gaddafi look: most notably Michael Jackson in 1980’s copied the signature motif military style of our leader to great chart success on his own terms..”

It seems as though we are suppose to forget all the wrongs Gaddafi has committed and continues to commit against his people. Oh, this was the best part, “Inshallah, there will be a positive outcome to the ongoing struggles and we are confident that our President and his forces will prevail.”  Basically, Mr. Talib is saying that Mr.Silva should observe Gaddafi’s rich collection of clothing while he continues to suppress and murder his people. This is the most ballsy pitch letter I have ever seen.