Weight Dilemma

Picture Courtesy of Fashionista

Fashionista reports that there is a lot of chatter around model, Cystal Renn’s size. Recently in an editorial for Vogue Japan entitled “A Call for Camp” her weight took center stage. Size has always been a big issue in the fashion industry but at the end of the day you have to be comfortable with yourself. When asked by Leah Chernikkoff, Senior Editor of Fashionista.com how she felt and copes with people’s comments on her size changes; she replied “Do I like the fact that people have huge arguments over my size and whether it’s ok? No matter what size I am, it’s OK because I’m fine. So I think that sometimes when there’s this kind of bashing-this ‘is she a plus size model? I mean, I didn’t invent the term…Actually, I’m thankful that there is a place where size 8s all the way to 20s can go and still model and can experience how wonderful this job is without the pressure.

As women we can be very hard on each other. We need learn to embrace acceptance. Whether Renn’s weight is consistent or not has nothing to do with us (the public). It is one thing to make an observation but it’s another to pressure and judge her body choices. When did we lose sight of the most important thing health? A fellow Fashionista follower on Twitter @rachelcoleman tweeted, “love #crystalrennbut she is not even CLOSE to the same size as any plus size girl i know.”  Duh, because everybody’s body type is different so of course she may not look like a plus-size girl you know. Sometimes, I forget that but at the end of the day all I could do is wish her the best and focus on the things or body  parts I want to improve.