RTW2011: The Scarf

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Give me a scarf and I’ll give you a head band. I haven’t worn a scarf around my neck since high school and I intend to keep it that way. It’s a Turban, It’s a Dress (It’s a Scarf)  by Ruth La Furla of the New York Times reported on how scarves are becoming more than an accessory.

“[R]etailers have taken to touting scarves as the ultimate multitaskers, drawing attention to their shape-shifting properties and encouraging shoppers, through online videos and mannequin displays, to tweak, twist, loop, plait and knot them to form summer mufflers, cowl-neck blouses, turbans, halters, sarongs and goddess-worthy maxi dress.”

In fact scarves have become so popular that companies like Bloomingdale’s and Hermes even launched social media campaigns positioning them as more than an accessory. I don’t know what took people so long to get on the scarf trend. I have made at least three different headbands from plaits, bows, and knots. It took a while for my friends to get use to the idea of me parading around with a fluffy bow around my head but they came around. Scarves add a touch of personality to an outfit and are inexpensive. I usually get medium to long length ones from H&M.

Brooke Jaffe, the Bloomingdale’s accessories director told The New York Times:

Ms. Greenfield was one of several retailers who ascribed the popularity of scarves in part to growing fascination with convertible fashion. “We live in a world where, ideally, every purchase has more than one function…They need to be style-able, to have personality”.

Although, I have yet to wear my scarf as a dress or even a shirt thanks to my father’s fear of me bearing snatched up.  I admire people who do. I once tried to make a skirt out of my scarf but I was always left exposed. Even bloggers have have been caught rocking the new trend. Style blogs like Style Bubble, Jak & Jil, and Street Pepper have all posted about the trends.  Once seen as an old woman’s accessory the scarf is out for a space in your closet.



2 thoughts on “RTW2011: The Scarf

  1. I am guilty of using the scarf in its most archaic form: as a tool to keep my neck warm. However I have also been tying scarves to my purses for years – usually to a “but that is a scarf” reaction.

    The repositioning of the scarf as more than a neck warmer is really interesting to me. In other industries, I would think, telling buyers one item has multiple uses might kill future sales (why buy two scarves if one will do the job of many or why buy multiple accessories if one scarf does it all). However in fashion, more is always more so this tactic seems genius to me.

    Great reporting!

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