Fashion’s Helping Hand

Courtesy of Indego Africa

Fashion has joined so many causes like the fight against HIV/AIDS and gay rights. The choice to join these causes transcends beyond sales but strive to build real relationships that help people. As former sales associate of The Body Shop, I was proud to be apart of a company that believed that helping people who help them was key. So when Zandile Blay, of the Huffington Post highlighted the collaborations of Indego Africa in Craft And Commerce:Indego Africa’s Transforming Power I was excited.

Indego Africa describes themselves on their website as:

“An innovative non-profit social enterprise — built on core values of transparency and good governance” Indego Africa has tasked itself with blotting out “systemic poverty by delivering access to export markets and job skills to African women.”

Indego Africa commissions out accessories and home decor items from craftswoman in Africa, which are sold to high-end stores and online.  Indego Africa doesn’t just donate money to charities but are more like business partners that help to create opportunities. The non-profit provides opportunities for women facing hardship to meet their family’s basic needs, attain valuable long-term skills, and most importantly boost their confidence.

Although, money is key in a capitalist society the key to a better society is helping others. Everyone deserves a chance to succeed and excel. Indego Africa is well on their way helping women do just that.

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Zandile Blay is Editor of The Blay Report and Africa Style Daily. She is also Fashion Editor for