Vivienne Westwood’s Ethical Bags

Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood's Website

Fashionologie reported on Vivienne Westwood’s bag collection for Ethical Fashion Africa Project is now available online. The handmade bags are made in Nairobi, Kenya from recycled materials like advertisement banners, and safari tents. The bags are made by widowed women, single mothers, HIV/AIDS victims, and those living in poverty.  Ethical Fashion Africa Project works with women who live in poverty and wish to make their lives better. With the help of the Ethical Fashion Africa Project women are able to attain a job and income.

But most importantly they are able to provide for their family. These women can use their skills to better themselves and their community.  I am so thankful to the designers that believe in a better future for all. It is so easy to forget that there are still so many people that live without the basic necessities.Throwing money at these problems only solves them for today but not always for tomorrow.

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