Mad Men for Banana Republic

Courtesy of Fashionista

Ever wanted to look like the stars from Mad Man? Well, Banana Republic will collaborate with Costume designer Jamie Bryant for a actual collection inspired by the hit television series.

“Working with Janie to gain a true understanding of the Mad Men look and feel was a delight,” Banana Republic Creative Director Simon Kneen said in a statement. “Janie was instrumental in helping us achieve the series aesthetic and standard of authenticity with this capsule collection.”[ Fashionista]

The women’s collection will include trench coats, high-waisted skirts, Leopard print heels, and 60’s style dresses, while the men’s collection includes suits, pocket squares, knitted sweaters, and money clips.

The 65 piece collection will hit stores in North America and the web August 11th.  Banana Republic Facebook fans will get a head start and can order the collection on August 10th. [Fashionista]


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