Zara’s Semi-Annual Sale Starts Tommorrow

Zara March 2011 Lookbook

Ladies and gents get ready, get your wallet, and go! Fashionista raves about Zara’s semi-annual sale which starts Friday, June 24th with great deals on clothing, shoes, and accessories. Take advantage of the amazing prices:

  • Blazers: $29.99
  • Shoes: $49.99
  • Party Dresses:$15.99
  • Sexy Skirts: $29.99
  • Summer Shorts: $15.99
  • Chic Trousers; $29.99
  • Leather Jackets: $69.99
  • Tee’s: $5.99

There is nothing worst than a picked over rack so try and get there early.  If you get a chance  let me know what you brought!