High-End Makeup for Woman of Color

Courtesy of Black/Up

I love to play with makeup so I found  the  post “Introducing Black|Up, High-End Cosmetics for Women of Color” by Cheryl Wischhover of Fashionista irresistible   . Although, Blacks and Latinas between the ages 18-44 make up 40% of the population that buys cosmetics in the US, many complain they can’t find their shade. With lines like the Queen Collection by Covergirl, Milani and Black Radiance is that possible?  Many of my friends and family said that darker shades are harder to find.   Drugstores carry more of the lighter shades. In order get darker shades it’s best to go Macy’s, Bloomingdales, MAC, or Sephora.

However, Black/Up is here to change that. Black/UP, a Paris based brand that is now available in the US promises shades for ethic women.  According to their website:

Founded in 1999 black|Up Cosmetics is both the first makeup artist brand created and specialized for women of color, yet suitable for all women, as well as an upscale cosmetics line of unprecedented elegance and luxury, respecting the unique nature of ethnic skins and celebrating their intrinsic beauty.

All of our products are developed by a team of professional makeup artists and are specially formulated to meet the unique needs of women with deeper skin tones.

The name Black/Up made me think of minstrelsy so it  no surprise that retailers in the UK were a bit resistant.  But during an interview between Fashionista and Lionel said the name isn’t about skin color but the makeup.

There are powders and foundations in a variety of textures from powder foundations, creme-to-powder blends, and more traditional liquid foundations in 12 shades . Although, Black|Up isn’t carried by any US retailers yet, you can order Black/Up . Prices range from $17 for an eyeliner to $40+ for foundation and powders.

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