Lagerfeld: Save The Tears For A Drought!

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Karl Lagerfeld takes a quote from Kelly Cutrone and tells designers complaining about the pressures of the industry “If You Have To Cry, Go Outside”.   The fashion industry has been known to be stressful, fast-paced and very overwhelming but designer Karl Lagerfeld does it all in style.  He oversees the runway shows of Fendi, Chanel, plus ad campaigns, books, and styling jobs. He shakes his head at designers that claim the industry overworks them:

I’m not like those designers who think they are pressed too much, that their creativity is so fragile. It’s very simple, no? Don’t take the job if you think you cannot do it. Bad football players do not play in the first league. Swimmers who can really swim never win. I mean, you have to know if you can do this kind of sport on that level. If not, forget about it. But you cannot expect people to cry about you, that you are so overworked, so pressed. Nobody presses me.

He owes this all to the fact that he is a professional improviser.  Read carefully PROFESSIONAL IMPROVISOR NOT PROCRASTINATOR.  Pressure effects people differently, some cry, some work harder, and some just freeze.  Life is a lot easier when you know your limits. [The Cut]