Sonia Rykiel’s Hope for Manifest Destiny

Courtesy of Hipgirlie.


Sonya  Rykiel  is toying with the idea of selling a small stake of the company for a speedier expansion. Rykiel has hired Edmond de Rothschild to help explore her possibilities.

In an interview  with Fashionologie, Rykiel said:

“I have not taken any decision, I have only just started analyzing the possibility. I don’t know if it’s something I want to pursue, but I want to develop the brand. It has huge potential, in Asia obviously, but elsewhere also.” She added that the brand is capable of continuing development without any outside partners: “I know that I can go much faster and further with outside help, but I am not even at the stage of contemplating whether the partner should be French or international.”

Rykiel made 89.6 million euros ($118.9 million) in 2010. [Fashionologie]