Introducing Hello Kitty Footwear

Courtesy of The Blay Report

Hello Kitty is now getting its own footwear line. Twenty10 Footwear just showed its  holiday 2010 and spring 2012 Hello Kitty women’s footwear collection at the ENK WSA Show in Las Vegas. The footwear label was founded last year by Alain Malka and holds the license for Hello Kitty in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

My best friend like many others think Hello Kitty is childish but I disagree. Accessories with subtle Hello Kitty detail  are definitely welcomed.

According to the  label’s website:

The anticipated premier Holiday 2011 and Spring 2012 season will take the customer on a trip around the world with capsule-sized collections, drawing inspiration from Hello Kitty’s worldwide adventures and global iconic presence[…..]To please fans of all ages, the brand offers up a wide array of styles including but not limited to: form fitting ballet flats, tall but not too tall wedges, open-toe/platform/slingback pumps, versatile low and high boots for rain/surf/sand, athletic and casual sneakers, and a selection of sandals.

The line won’t hit stores until Fall and but I already know what I’m getting.  I don’t need too much convincing. [The Blay Report, Twenty10 Footwear]