Keeping Up with the Kardashian Kollections

Courtesy of Fashionista

The K Dash collection for QVC was just the beginning of the Kardashian’s mark on fashion.  Kris Jenner, the business savvy mother of six now has her own line The Kris Jenner Kollection which includes her signature pieces black blazers, white button- downs, and black leggings.  The line will launch on QVC during New York Fashion Week airing on September 8th.

Everyone knows self-promotion is the best promotion.  Kris will be wearing her kollection during the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and tweeting about it. The line will range from $35 to $140.

Kris Jenner chatted with WWD about line and her family’s future in fashion:

Where we are going with all of this is to be very active in the fashion world,” Jenner said. “I think to be designing clothes and to expand that into home and children and jewelry and accessories…that’s where I see us going, to a place where we can keep evolving as designers and giving people a little of our own personalities. All our lines combined hit every age demographic and body type. It’s a great one-stop shop.”

Just think between Kris, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney all the women in your family can all get a dash of K in their wardrobe. [WWD, Fashionista]

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  1. These women really are trying to brand everything. The Sears line is another clothing line for them- it seems Dash and the collaboration with Bebe was just the beginning.

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