Marc Jacob’s for Dior?

Courtesy of Fashionologie

Marc Jacob might be leaving Louis Vuitton and going to Dior. According to WWD,  Bernard Arnault is in the talks about the move. A meeting has been scheduled in Paris this week between Dior officials and legal representatives for Jacobs. Jacobs has been director of Louis Vuitton since 1997. Renewing his contract with Vuitton has been postponed pending his decision with Dior. If Jacobs goes to Dior Robert Duffy will follow.

Phoebe Philo has been considered to move to Louis Vitton. Philo is said to be excited about the project. She may design for both Vuitton and Celine. [Fashionologie]


One thought on “Marc Jacob’s for Dior?

  1. Seriously maybe it is just me but I do not get this. I love Marc Jacobs for both his own line and LV, although I may not be able to afford any of it, but he and Dior seem like such an odd fit. MJ does a good job of keeping a clear line between MJ, LV, and even M by Mj, but this s very different from taking on a completely different house. I am not not too familiar with Philo from before Celine so I cannot comment on how she fits in all this.

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