Launches Magazine and Dabbles in E-commerce

Courtesy of Fashionologie

For all you fashion junkies, is launching a magazine that will hit newsstands in selected cities in North America and Europe on October 31. is my go to for outfit inspiration and  to catch up on fashion shows. The first issue will focus on Spring/Summer 2012. According to editor-in-chief Dirk Standen, the magazine will highlight all the relevant people, places and clothes of the season.

Staden believes that the sites expansion is an important step to the sites future, “If you look at the big picture I don’t think [media] brands can afford to be tied to one medium anymore. Obviously you see that with magazines paying a lot of attention to their websites now. But even on the web, it’s not enough to just have a website. You have to be on various digital devices. You need to be on the various social media sites. You want your content to be available in as many places as possible. Now that we are within the Fairchild umbrella, which has a lot of experience and a great deal of expertise in publishing, it became a natural extension for to do a magazine.”

The website will test e-commerce concurrently with the magazine launch and is currently working with six New York designers which will be announced during fashion week. The designers will make a limited number of pieces from their Spring collection so people will be able to buy them right away. [Fashionologie]




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  1. This is exciting. I am a fan of keeping books and mags in physical form rather than transitioning lit online or to pdfs. I love blogs for online reading and mags for page turning reading – but I am looking forward to seeing the website come to the physical world. This is an interesting turn of events.

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