Dolce & Gabbana Dissolves D&G

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Dolce & Gabbana are killing their diffusion line D&G. According to WWD, D&G’s recent spring 2012 show was their last.

Sources close to the designers as well as Italian retailers think that the two lines were “cannibalizing” each other because they were too close in price. However, some retailers are shocked since the diffusion line is doing well in Asia and Russia.

According to Fashionista, the designers said in a statement,” that folding D&G back into their signature line would give “even more strength and energy to our collections.” It’s expected that the scope of the collection will increase to include other categories.  All of this is obviously in the hopes to take Dolce & Gabbana to the next level. [Fashionista]

These are some of my favorite looks from the collection: