Wintour on Italian Politics

Courtesy of The Blay Report

Anna Wintour has become quite vocal about Italian Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. She recently made headlines on Saturday’s La Republica newspaper after giving the paper a piece of her mind when comes to the prime minister:

“I am disgusted. I have no other words. I am disgusted and embarrassed: How can Italy tolerate Silvio Berlusconi and his bevy of girls?” said Wintour

He is currently the longest-serving Prime minister post-war and is also the richest man in the country. He is also known for his controversies whether it’s for controlling of the media or his various sex scandals. Wintour went on to say that Italy is in fact a dictatorship.

“On one side, there is the Made in Italy, the designers, the great creations that credit you around the world and that have no equal. On the other side, there is a political reality that is so compromised. How can you tolerate all this?” Wintour said.

Wintour would love to see women protesting in the streets protesting against him. [The Blay Report]