Kopykat Kimmy

Courtesy of Fashionista Kim is wearing Alexis Bittar's headpiece Photo: Harper Bazzar

Kim Kardashian’s latest jewelry collection has come under fire after jewelry designer Alexis Bittar accused her of knocking off his pieces.  She frequently borrows his jewelry for various occasions, but now that has to change. According to the Post he says,

“In the reality TV world, there are so many people coming out with lines to capitalize on their TV shows. They are not designers and they are just stealing. I passed the Dash pop up store on Broadway, and I saw that Kim’s pieces were very similar to mine, and she definitely has been taking note (of my designs). The tricky thing is that we have sent pieces to Kim in the past to wear, so now I have told my staff we cannot send anything to her. She was definitely influenced by my designs without a doubt.”

At the end of day to some of these celebrity /designers it comes down to dollars signs.  Bittar goes on to say:

“You have to be very careful to pick and choose your battles. I haven’t talked to Kim about it, the truth is she might not even know. She might be so far removed from it (the design process), and her designers just go shopping and knock things off. But we are definitely not lending to Kim any more, she has been barred.”

Kardashian’s  rep says that the accusations are false and that she is influenced by her travels.  One thing is for sure Kardashian’s line definitely lacks the craftsmanship. There are similarities between the two lines but nothing is exactly the same.  Whoever said imitation is the best form flattery was obviously wrong. [Fashionista]


Photos: Shopbop, Bloomingdale’s and Alexis Bittar

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