Project Runway Recap

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The winner of Project Runway was definitely a nice surprise. After many ups and downs Trinidadian pageant winner finishes season nine as both fan favorite and the grand prize winner. Like many others including Anya Ayoung Chee, I thought she would have been going home after a bad critique but working under pressure suits her well and she came out victorious.

Keeping all four contestants in the part one of the finale was very calculated in my opinion. If they gave Anya the boot well the only three left to compete would have been Viktor, Joshua, and Kimberly. Out of those three remaining I think Viktor would have been the clear winner.  Despite, Kimberly’s win in the Nina Garcia challenge I knew she wasn’t going to be the last women standing.  However, she did show real growth and potential. My favorite look of hers was the dress from the bird challenge, the black dress and the white shirt and pants in her final collection.

I loved Viktor’s collection. His styling was an improvement from the part one’s critique. His prints were great and his sheer pieces were daring.  I felt that Michael Kors critique was a little unfair about his sheer pieces because girls have been rocking sheer piece this summer.

Joshua‘s collection was nice, I loved his use of plastic I thought that was very innovative. Those lace-up shorts where edgy and I could see them in an editorial shoot.  Thank god he fought the urge to bedazzle his collection and it clearly paid off and allowed him to stand with Anya as the final two.

However, Anya gave the show the judges believed she would.  Although, she had produced nothing when Tim visited her in Trinidad, she definitely made it work. After her horrible critique in part one of the finale I began to doubt if she was really going to make it. However, after the first dress floated down the runway it  definitely restored my confidence.   However, Carolyn Kellogg of the Los Angeles Times says “It’s not that I have anything against Anya or her flowy beach frocks. But she does not yet have the skills needed to actually construct garments.” Although, she has been sewing for four months she has produced some amazing pieces. Anya has also managed to beat other challengers in numerous challenges prior to her big win.

I’m so happy Anya won and hope she does actually start a line. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with. Also, since she did say she was planning on moving to New York I look forward to seeing clothes other than beachy frocks since its going to be getting cold.  Since, season nine is over I’ll just have to wait for Project Runway All Stars since I have no interest in Project Accessory.

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  1. I agree she did make great collection, than the other designers. I think another reason why she won was that she can adapt to any situation. During project runway we saw Anya transform her clothing from one challenge to another without ever losing her design in the process. To me that is very important for a designer to stay true to themselves cause if you don’t then they will get lost in a sea full of other designers.

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