Oliver Laric: Kopienkritik

Courtesy of Trendland

I am the person who could never skip the Greek exhibit at the Metropolitan museum. So stumbling upon German artist Oliver Laric’s  Kopienkritik series a summer solo project at the Skulpturhalle Basel.  Laric  long with museum staff reinstalled arranged their collection of casts, interspersing his own sculptures and videos  throughout  the museum .

Kopienkritik (“copy criticism”) is the process of analyzing copies of classic sculptures —typically Roman reproductions of lost Greek versions — to arrive at a greater understanding of the originals. Within the art history community, the practice is seen as a last-ditch way to study ancient Greek sculpture — and one bearing many discontents. For example, ancient Greek sculptor Polykleitos, active in the 5th and early 4th century BCE, made major contributions to sculptural practice with his “invention” of contrapposto, but as his works are all lost they may only be studied and understood through lesser-quality Roman copies.ve To illustrate this principle, Laric grouped sculptures together similar in appearance and posture, creating visible aesthetic lineages between each work. These groupings are put into a theoretical framework by Laric’s essay-video Versions, projected onto two similar plaster casts in the Skulpturhalle installation, the video attempting to fast forward discussions surrounding the authenticity and proliferation of images to an internet-sensitive context. [Rhizome]

Although, his sculptures  aren’t the real thing; I love the use of color.  I by no means pretend to be a museum buff but just love  to see people take on various things.  [Trendland]

For more pics check out: http://oliverlaric.com/kopienkritik.htm