Jason Wu for Target

Courtesy of Fashionista


Gone in a blink of an eye, Jason Wu for Target has almost completely sold out and over 11,000 items already on eBay since it went on sale February 5th.  So if you ever wondered why you didn’t see any in your local Target now  you know why.  To make matters worse, a couple in Miami boldly walked into their local Target and brought the entire collection worth $7,000.  If that wasn’t enough the couple boldly admitted that they were going to resell their purchases.   So many are wondering why they were allowed to do that since there are restrictions online, I have the answer they had the cash.  In this instance money talks and walks.  I do not condone their actions but I feel like maybe that’s why Target employees allowed it.[Fashionista]


As a reaction some have called for the boycott of resellers! What do you think?