Tom Ford Eyewear

Glasses have always been a big part of my life. When trying them I always look for the perfect ones that fit my face and have a touch of personality. Tom Ford’s “Special Edition Optical Eyewear Collection” has both style and personality. A single pair of these 50’s inspired frames cost $2,950. The frames are made from gold-plated metal and water buffalo.

Inspired by the enduring elegance of 1950s eyewear, Ford has created a new frame for women [5257] and a frame for men [5260] made of the finest quality gold-plated metal with precious water buffalo horn on the front and the temple tips. These gently retro-influenced frames represent the highest levels of design and fabrication in eyewear. Subtly luxurious and crafted with meticulous workmanship, the two styles are some of the most refined ever offered by TOM FORD EYEWEAR. Each frames and its leather case is presented in a luxurious, Bakelite box with a soft brown lining. A certificate of authenticity and a special cleansing cream and chamois cloth are provided to care for the water buffalo horn, which may appear slightly different on every frame due to its organic origin.

Luckily, no two pairs look the same so that’s a nice benefit. Just avoid any damages since no wear in the release said anything about a warranty. [Fashionista]

Images via Fashionista