Tommy Hilfiger $1 Million Factory Upgrade

Getty Images


I am so glad designers are looking out for the well-being of their workers; nobody needs to die for the sake of an outfit.  Over a year ago, 29 workers died in Bangladesh garment factory after being trapped in a fire that produced goods for Tommy Hilfiger, Gap and Kohl’s. Hilfiger later came under fire after saying that he had stopped using these unsafe factories when he really didn’t. In an interview with ABC Tommy Hilfiger said, “We will never manufacture clothes in any of those factories ever again.” Hilfiger admitted that he misspoke “I did make a mistake in telling you that I would imagine we’d be pulling out of Bangladesh when in fact that wasn’t true.”

PVH CEO Emanuel Chirico told ABC they were “trying for a global solution” and stayed in the factories to serve as a positive force, arguing that “You need to have a voice at the table to get changes made as you go forward.”[FASHIONISTA]

PVH reportedly demanded better conditions-imposing fire safety standards and committing over $1 million to get a fire safety inspection program. PVH says that they didn’t pull out of factories because they wanted to help improve but there maybe so other reasons. Haven’t we come too far from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire to have people in other countries suffering the same unfortunate fate. So, with that being said how these factories will continue to better their working conditions.