Almost Naked and Ready to Dance!

Courtesy of Fashionista

So prom has been taking the headlines.  Gone of the days of age appropriate dresses and the matching corsages. Now it’s all about pieces of fabric held together by a strand with the fear of a big wind. Boy, have times changed. According to the Wall Street Journal, shows like Dancing With the Stars and The Real Housewives are to blame. No its not, blame the parents for thinking it was a good idea for young girls to walk out the house like that.  Girls, should feel like shouldn’t feel like they have to bare all to be the life of the party. I remember one girl from my high school prom wore a dress that was basically a bra with a crystals connecting a skirt to it….SMH.  Schools recently resorted to making PowerPoint presentations and making students sign contracts with rules and guidelines. The Journal posted some guidelines:

• Dresses may not be cut below the bust line. Excessive cleavage is not allowed.

• Dress may be backless as long as it is not cut below the navel.

• Dresses must not have a slit that exceeds mid-thigh (fingertip length).

• No pinning will be allowed as an alteration for a dress if without the pinning the dress does not meet dress code.

• Dress length must be mid thigh (specifically must be longer than 5 inches above the middle of the knee both in the front and the back)

• Canes will not be permitted. [for boys]

• With arms at your side, if flesh touches flesh below the bust line, the dress in inappropriate.

• Necklines of female students must not be lower than five inches from the base of the neck.

What do you guys think about these guidelines? Are they reasonable or not?