Lady in Red!

Its Bridal Fashion Week  Spring 2013, and Red is definitely giving white  a run for its number one spot. Vera Wang who of course is known for her amazing dresses had not one stitch of white or ivory in her collection that went from scarlet to deep magenta. Even Oscar De la R’senta had two red dresses along with other colors.

Some suspect that China’s increasing influence in fashion has all these designers seeing red. Although,  red screams sex in the West it means for luck for them. Vera Wang’s collection was titled “Mei Meng” accompanied with the Chinese characters  meant “Dream”. The  note in her look book read

Beautiful dream. The symbolism of Red. Boldly romantic, charming, protective, grand, seductive, sexy. From dahlia to scarlet, crimson and vermilion. A celebration of    love.

Vera Wang is looking to expand into the Asian market with her bridal dresses first, since bridal is a huge market in Asia.  According to Huang Hung of WWD’s ChinaFile,

“[The] Chinese believe that red brings fortune and luck, and the bride is traditionally expected to do exactly that for her husband,” Hung said. “However, in most Chinese weddings, the bride changes 2-3 times. So she might start with a red Chinese dress, then a western dress, then [change] again.” And the Chinese are willing to spend a lot on elaborate weddings–it’s a billion dollar industry there. “People organize weddings the same way marketing events are organized,” Hung told us. “They splurge on the dress, the decor, the [food and beverages], and even pay to have [a] celebrity attend the wedding.” [Fashionista]

Are you feeling lucky?