Jenner Sisters Seventeen Takeover

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If you’re tired of the Kardashians don’t worry because the Jenner sister’s Kendall and Kylie are out to takeover. The sisters have taken some tips from their big sisters and are out to make a name for themselves. The two sisters are slated to have their own spin-off on E!, model, and have a jewelry line but if that wasn’t enough they have also landed a gig at Seventeen magazine as West Coast fashion contributors.

Their column “Kendall and Kylie’s Fashion Journal” will feature fashion and beauty tips and will appear in the June/July issue of Seventeen. They will also appear in a bi-monthly web series for the magazine.

“Kendall and Kylie have such a cool West Coast sense of style—they are evolving into true style icons,” said Seventeen Editor-in-Chief Ann Shoket in a release. Kendall and Kylie’s momager Kris is pretty psyched too. “I remember when I was growing up what an iconic and special magazine Seventeen was and what an influence it had on my style and fashion sense,” Kris said. “I can’t believe all these years later Kendall and Kylie have the opportunity to be West Coast contributors—so amazing!”[Fashionista]

Kendall and Kylie will be seen working with Seventeen in Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s  (premieres May 20). Let’s hope golden by Kardashian association works for the magazine.