Kravits for Toms


Lenny Kravitz just designed a spring collection for Toms. According to the Toms blog, Kravitz has been working closely with Blaky Mycoskie and his in-house design team on the collection. They will come in vibrant print “Let love rule’.

Kravitz daughter, actress is a HUGE fan of the brand and urged him to do it, according to AP.

Another funny tidbit from the AP article: apparently Kravitz is now more famous for his Hunger Games role than his long music career. “It’s interesting to walk down the street and hear girls saying, ‘Oh, that’s Cinna,’ and they have no idea about the music,” he said. We hate to say it, but the role was one of the most exciting things he’s done in a while. Though, apparently he’s going on tour soon–maybe Hunger Games fans will show up out of curiousity for what Cinna’s music sounds like. [AP, Fashionista]