Stingray Kicks?!

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Co. Designs announced that the shoe company Rayfish Footwear is offering custom sneakers made from stingray skin. What makes these sneakers are so exclusive? A group of scientist etches these designs onto the DNA of the fish. That’s right, this takes the meaning of custom to new heights.

You can create your own design by using 29 templates that scientist can actually grow on the stingrays. Dr. Raymond Ong, head of Rayfish Footwear says:

“We cannot breed any desirable shape or logo on the fishes, as our patterning process works by recording and recombining DNA of existing animals. Squares are for instance not possible, as the expression of the DNA on the skin doesn’t allow it. Also, the patterns that grow on the actual fish sometimes slightly differ from what you see in the design tool. Although it is almost perfect, we are still developing the mapping between the design tool and the DNA encoding further.”

You can choose from nine skins combinations to create your shoes. Rayfish Footwear is soft launching their product with a series of design contest.  The footwear is set to launch later this year with a $1,800 price tag. [Fashionista]

I really wish this footwear company would find another way to create these sneakers like using fake Stingray skin.

I follow Fashionista and ask : What do you think? Are these stingray shoes cruel or cool?