Future of Giorgio Armani?

Images courtesy of Fashionologie

According to Italian newswire report suggested that Giorgio Armani will form a foundation to run his business after he dies. This seemed random to me but apparently the press has been speculating that the future of the label was be in stone.

A spokeswoman for Armani has deemed the report published by Ansa false.  The spokeswoman said, that Armani would consider selling his company to a large fashion conglomerate if the price was right (I’m guessing what they meant by offer). However, he is considering leaving his business to a foundation; Armani told WWD last week that it is “only one of the possibilities.”

The future of Armani has been in focus lately because of a recent WSJ. Magazine profile that explored what would happen after the designer is gone.  In the profile, Armani said, he hasn’t settled on a concrete plan but, “As long as I’m here, I’m the boss”. [Fashionologie]