New Sustainability Scoring System- So How Green are They?

Courtesy of Fashionista

Many companies and designers boast about their eco-friendly line whether it be clothes or accessories but are they really as green as they say they are? There will always be some type of eco footprint due to production, promotion, and shipping.  But a new system aims to provide a more comprehensive way to measure their eco-print.

The Higg index was introduced in WWD, it’s a three-part scoring system developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and is available to companies for free on According to WWD, the index has three parts:

• A brand module that zeros in on details such as how goods are designed and whether or not product life cycle, transportation and the use of restricted substances are taken into account.

• A product module that looks at the sustainability of fabrics, how much waste is left on the cutting-room floor, what finishes are used and so on.

• A facilities module that examines areas such as how factories deal with wastewater and how much energy is consumed.

Addidas, Gap Inc., H&M, J.C. Penney and Nike have already tested the index.

Jason Kibbey, executive director of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, tells WWD, “This looks holistically and tries to make a judgment of the whole impact of the product rather than just go with the trend of the day.”

This sounds like a great why for companies to keep themselves in check, eco-check that is. Hopefully, consumers will be able to see the results of the index. [Fashionista]