Louboutins Counterfeit Pile to be Burned!

Courtesy of Fashionista

The US customs and border protection have seized 20, 457 pairs of counterfeit Louboutins at the LA/Long Beach seaportcomplex, according to ABC News.

The shoes were shipped from China to the US (REAL Louboutins are made in Italy) and were split into five shipments- four where seized on Tuesday and the fifth was seized weeks earlier. The knockoffs hit the market they would have been worth $18 million.

Jaime Ruiz, a spokesman for US Customs and Border Protection, said in a statement:

“Worn by celebrities and royalty in the fashion world, the lacquered red sole in (the) shoes is a distinctive symbol of the famous French designer Christian Louboutin. However, US Customs and Border Protection specialists have a different view of the lacquered red sole. They see a trademark protected by US law.”

The knockoff will most likely be burned! [Fashionista]