Rodarte for Starbucks?!

Image courtesy of AP/Starbucks

Apparently the Mulleavy sister’s Kate and Laura have been tapped for collaboration with Starbucks.  They would be designing gift cards, tote bags, cup sleeves, and mugs. It’s set to hit stores on November 13, so you could drink in style.

Although, this is an interesting collaboration and I’m curious to see the rest of the products. This isn’t the first designer collaboration for Starbucks. The first collaboration was with Alexander Wang for their 40th anniversary.

The only available picture is the gift card above. “Starbucks has high hopes for the collaboration–Samie Barr, vice president of category brand management told the AP he sees it as “putting us on the map as a true inspirational gifting destination.” That’s despite the fact that a lot of Starbucks customers will probably have no idea what Rodarte is. “We look for unique and differentiated, not necessarily looking for ‘mainstream,’” he said. “People buy with their eyes.”

“Our clothing is specialized,” Laura Mulleavy told the AP of the collab, “and when we are thinking of Rodarte, we choose things that say who we are as designers, but we’re not limited to that. We like the idea of collaborations and putting our thought process somewhere else.”