Chanel Ecommerce ?!

Courtesy of Fashionista

Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s president of fashion, sat for a chat with the The Business of Fashion’s Imran Ahed for the latest installment of the site’s CEO Talks.

Chanel is one of the few brands (along with Celine) that doesn’t sell online. When asked why Chanel doesn’t have e-commerce and will it ever?

Perhaps two years, three years, five years from now, we will start to sell [clothing] online,” Pavlovsky said. It’s not a definite answer but it’s still big news from the brand that’s held out so long. Pavlovsky, explained that Chanel would rather have customers experience “the world of Chanel”.

“It’s a strategic choice,” Pavlovsky explained. “It’s a choice to say, ‘Guys, you can see whatever you want on the internet, but we want you to come to the boutique, because we feel that in the boutique we can give you the right understanding of the brand.’ So, yes we could sell handbags on the internet. But my feeling is that it’s not qualitative enough and it’s not the kind of service that we want to give to our customers — at the moment.”

This is definitely a good idea for Chanel.  Customer experience is very important when it comes brand identity and loyalty. Besides, if you’re going to splurge on a quilted purse you mind as well soak in all Chanel that you can. [Fashionista]