H&M Accused of Underpaying Garment Workers

Courtesy of Fashionista

The latest collaboration between H&M and Maison Martin Margiela isn’t the only thing being buzzed about these days, H&M has recently been accused of underpaying their Cambodian garment workers.

A Swedish TV documentary program Kalla Fakta accused the fast fashion chain of not paying Cambodian garment workers a decent living wage according to WWD. The minimum living wage for them would be $61 per month which nothing compared to us here in the US.

H&M spoke out against this allegation saying that they are actually at the “forefront” of fighting for better minimum wages for workers in countries that manufacture its clothes. “We want a permanent change, negotiated between workers and employers,” H&M said. “This should be done by collective agreement that all workers in a country could benefit from.”

The Clean Clothes Campaign, a Netherlands-based labor alliance, believes H&M can do more.  Trade Unions in Cambodia have asked for the minimum wage to be raised to $131 per month. [Fashionista]