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Courtesy of Fashionista

Courtesy of Fashionista

When I read about Dear Kate’s and their re-launch I had to share it with you guys. Dear Kate previously known as Sexy Period, is a lingerie line based out of Rhode Island that promises women “peace of mind”.  Just think, panties you could actually pee and bleed in (not full stream).

Founded by 25-year-old grad student Julie Sygiel, a chemical engineer founded her startup as a junior at Brown University in 2008 in an entrepreneurship class. She currently has a patent-pending liner made from a thin wicking material that holds up to three teaspoons of liquid for her lingerie  line.

Sygiel found out that her line had a cult following among women who were mildly incontinent. “We realized that our market with Sexy Period was smaller than we need it to be,” Sygiel told the Cut.

We’ve never had children but we’re learning things about pregnancy no one told us,” said Sharon Ruggieri, Dear Kate’s 28-year-old blonde COO.

“People say ‘I laughed so hard, I peed my pants,’ but I never knew it was real,” Sygiel added. [The Cut]

Now girls can breathe easier when they’ve been holding it a little bit too long or your monthly came unexpectedly. But I do wonder how her line’s fabrics stand up against discoloration? There is nothing worse than a pretty panty with a stain.